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The Conspirators are a (new) theater & performance collective in Chicago dedicated to provoking thought and action through dynamic, immediate theater art.

The Deckchairs is RECOMMENDED as one of
Picture This Post’s “BEST PLAYS IN CHICAGO”

“Funny… It’s in your face and makes sure you’re paying attention!” -Picture This Post

The Deckchairs, or Make the Titanic Great Again

A hysterical nightmare of national significance written by Sid Feldman

Directed by Wm. Bullion

June 8 – June 30, 2018
Thu-Sat @ 8pm

Who do you trust when you’re going down? All looks grim in the First Class Salon of the RMS Titanic until Barnum-like huckster D.J. Drumpf crashes the party and vows to “make the Titanic great again”! Neo-commedia punk-theater perpetrators The Conspirators are at it again with the follow-up to their sold-out #TrumpShow, The Resistible Rise of Herr Helmut Drumpf.

#Trumptanic #TrumpShow #TrumpShow2

Greenhouse Theater Center

2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614.
Box Office: 773/404-7336,

You can also visit the Facebook page, for more info!


We would not have been able to sink this ship with out these fine
folks sinking some cash into the production:

Rear Admiralty (Over $1,000):

Justin & Ann Bullion • Jim Mensch • Steve Pink • Sid Feldman •
Wm. Bullion • Andrew Bullion

Ship’s Captains (Over $100):

Maryann G. Bullion • Michael Drumke • Rici Peterson • Michael
Cooper • Mark Booth • Maryann M. Bullion • Sophia Worden •
Andrew Meyers • Greg Robbins • Larry Davies • Tiny Lounge

Passengers (Donations up to $100):

Elizabeth Dawson • HM3 • El Manglar • Gary Lamb • Matt Feldman • Bernard Lavoie • Tom Handley • John Fultz • Sheldon Woldt • Brian Gillespie • Glen Graczyk • Andrew Sickle • William Smilie • April Connaughty • Robyn Chamberlain • Carol Ludwick • Michael Mazur • Madeline Soglin • Joe Feliciano • Michelle Johnson • Selima Hargadon • Megan Schemmel • Julie Cresswell • Sara Busen • Amber Robinson • Leland Fecher • Aaron Adair • Andrew Hildner • Alexis C.• Brian O’Halloran • Courtney Lynn • Rose Freeman • Pete Hahn

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From our sordid past…

“…vicious, demented…”

“…the troupe’s incendiary panache is nearly irresistible.”

Thank you so much for joining us for our inaugural (pun intended) production of The Resistible Rise of Herr Helmut Drumpf.

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If you’re interested in conspiring with us as a contributing artist/performer, write us:

Promo shots featuring the cast of The Resistible Rise of Herr Helmut Drumpf (photos by Sarah J. Scanlon)

Full Cast: Kate Booth • Wm. Bullion • Paul Bunton • Elyse Dawson • Nathaniel Fishburn • Sara Franzel • Ryan Hake • Kimberly Logan • Mikalina Rabinsky • Paula Sjogerman • also featuring Sean McGill & Sarah Scanlon on percussion

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We also are the home of The Do-It-Yourself-Messiah Complex, including past blasts such as The Jesus Christ Superstar Do-It-Yourself Messiah Complex and DIYTOMMY.