We did this:

From our sordid past…


– an immorality play –

written by Sid Feldman
directed by Wm. Bullion

When a self-righteous heiress from rural Georgia is thrust into the 9 circles of Dante’s Inferno, what lessons will she learn?

Thu-Sun, November 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 8pm

at Otherworld Theatre

3914 N. Clark Street, Chicago

“The Conspirators create bizarre and brilliant magic—a rollicking good time!”
Third Coast Review

Chicago Reader RECOMMENDED!

Outrageously funny—The Conspirators latest show is an absolute laugh fest, and may just be their funniest so far!”
Buzz Center Stage


Eva Andrews
Travis Barnhart    
Dane Brandon    
Julia Hope Budd
Donaldson Cardenas    
Alex George
Jailine Hernandez
Meghan Lynam       
Kelly Opalko      
Mary Spencer    
Devin Sugerik     
Tess Vincent      
Christine Watt          
and Trace Davidson & Hayden Marshall on percussion

Photos by Candice Conner, Oomphotography

The Conspirators’ 125th Anniversary Jubilee, Feat. “The Ineptidemic”

Written by Octave Mirbeau, Sid Feldman
Directed by Wm. Bullion

A look back at The Conspirators’ last 125 YEARS of political satire. Surely things have changed by now, RIGHT?

at Otherworld Theatre
3914 N. Clark St., Chicago

November 4-19, 2022

“Out of the ordinary—an irreverent show that is both laugh-inducing and thought provoking… left me laughing, and looking forward to the next 125 years!”

— Bill Esler, Buzz Center Stage


Eva Andrews, Olivia Anton, Paul Bunton, Libby Conkle, A. Nikki Greenlee, Luke Haskell, Ali Janes, Liliana Mastroianni, Kieran O’Connor, Mary Spencer; percussion: Tom Jasek & Sean McGill; special appearance by Meaghan Morris

Photos by Sarah Scanlon

The Caucasian Inner Circle, or, Hooray for Billionaires!

Written by Sid Feldman
Directed by Wm. Bullion

TCIC,o,HFB! is a neo-commedia cabaret romp purporting to be a pro-wealth propaganda trade show sponsored by a pair of elusive billionaire brothers celebrating the exploits and importance of the tip-top of the 1%. Performed in the Conspirators’ inimitable “Style,” the trade show may or may not go horribly wrong….

at Chicago Dramatists
1105 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago

May 12-21, 2022


Olivia Anton, Brook Celeste, Casey Chartier-Vignapiano, Ali Janes, Michael Lomenick, Lizzy Mosher, Kieran O’Connor, Elizabeth Quilter, Sivan Spector; Tom Jasek – percussion; special appearances by Madison Boan, Wm. Bullion and Nathaniel Fishburn

The Pandemic Lockdown Occurred Here, During Which We Did:

TWO digital instances of the

Jesus Christ Superstar Do-It-Yourself Messiah Complex

Easter Sundays, 2021 and 2022


…And 3 seasons (2020-22) of…

Billy Bullion’s Cocktail Hour

Conceived and written by Sid Feldman
Starring Wm. Bullion

Produced in partnership with Sh!tshow Productions

Wm. Bullion, Sid Feldman, Capt. Steve Rogers and Sarah Scanlon

Charming host Billy Bullion warms your heart with 3 seasons’ worth of genteel conversation, current events, music and too many cocktails. Shelter in place WITH US!

Weekly Zoom Guests Included:

  • Amber Autry
  • Babes With Blades Theater Company
  • Justin G. Bullion
  • Nikki Calabrese
  • David Cerda
  • Jeremy Clorfene
  • The Conspirators
  • Robert Cornelius
  • David Cromer
  • Leelai Demoz
  • Benjamin Dickow
  • Reginald Edmund
  • Linsey Falls
  • Carey Anne Farrell
  • Matt Feldman
  • Anna K. Gold
  • Jamie Nesbitt Golden
  • Jessica Hanna
  • DJ Heather
  • Stefanie Sajib Johnson
  • Dag Juhlin
  • Carrie Kaufman
  • Chrissy Kearns
  • Doug Langdale
  • Loren Lazarine
  • Sean McGill
  • Nora O’Connor
  • J.B. Opdyke
  • Steve Pink
  • Kerry Reid
  • Julia Renner
  • Anne Ramsay
  • Haley Rice
  • Laurel Robinson
  • Mike Stoyanov
  • Carrie J. Sullivan
  • Eric Wang

But Before the World Ended…

Ayn Rand’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” as Performed by The Conspirators Under the Direction of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Written by Sid Feldman
Directed by Wm. Bullion

The Conspirators invite you to end 2019 with a bang and Rand/Schultz, an hour-long cabaret satire that highlights the irreverent antics and punk-rock nihilistic tragicomedy The Conspirators are becoming known for.

at The Charnel House
3421 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago

December ’20-’21, 2019


Daniel Aguilar, Madison Boan, Kate Booth, Gunner Bradley, Wm. Bullion, Brook Celeste, Libby Conkle, Martin Downs, Jordan Marie Ford, Sarah Franzel, Ali Janes, Wyatt Kent, Danielle Levsky, Meaghan Morris, Elizabeth Quilter, Brian Rohde, Paula Sjogerman, Peyton Wilson; percussion by Sarah Scanlon

Accidental Death of a Black Motorist

Adapted from Dario Fo by Sid Feldman

Directed by Wm. Bullion

“A necessary play for our time. The troupe, under Wm. Bullion’s loose but propulsive direction, delivers as fearlessly funny a show as I have seen on a local stage in quite some time. Beneath adaptor Sid Feldman’s endless gags and comic riffs, there’s a deep and deadly serious examination of the racist assumptions and protective code of silence that make police brutality a chronic wound in Chicago’s soul.”

— Hugh Iglarsh, Newcity Stage

at the Athenaeum
2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago

October 25 – November 23, 2019


Madison Boan, Kate Booth, Gunner Bradley, Nathaniel Fishburn, Sarah Franzel, Nicole Frydman, Anthony Hinderman, Ali Janes, Michael Lomenick, Meaghan Morris (u/s), Evan Richter (u/s), also featuring Sarah Scanlon and Tom Jasek on percussion.

Photos by Sarah Scanlon

Yankee Doodles: Let Treason Ring!

A Best-Of Revue, Plus Fresh Meat

Written by Sid Feldman, Wm. Bullion & The Conspirators
Directed by Wm. Bullion

“Here they come again, with Yankee Doodles: Let Treason Ring, which will continue to satirize in much the same manner. I will not be attending, for the simple reason that they told me not to at the end of The Deckchairs.”

— Zach Barr, Scapi Magazine

at The Conspiratorium
West Town, Chicago

October 25 – November 3, 2018


Madison Boan, Wm. Bullion, Paul Bunton, Libby Conkle, Martin Downs, Nathaniel Fishburn, Sarah Franzel, Ryan Hake, Meaghan Morris, Ali Janes, Brian Rohde, Evan Richter, Paula Sjogerman, Featuring Sarah Scanlon on percussion

Photos by Sarah Scanlon

The Deckchairs, or Make the Titanic Great Again

A hysterical nightmare of national significance

Written by Sid Feldman
Directed by Wm. Bullion

at the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

June 7-30, 2018

“An energized cast combines crackerjack timing with a winning playfulness!”

Newcity Stage

“RECOMMENDED! One of the ‘Best Plays in Chicago’…It’s in your face and makes sure you’re paying attention.”


“I’ve never seen a play so cogently argue for its own immediate closure. This is not the backhand insult it likely appears to be!”



Amber Autry, Madison Boan, Kate Booth, Paul Bunton, Wm. Bullion, Nathaniel Fishburn, Hillary Gokenbach, David Gordezky, Ali Janes, Michael Lomenick, Meaghan Morris, Brian Rohde, Aja Singletary, also featuring Sean McGill & Sarah Scanlon on percussion

Photos by Sarah Scanlon

The Resistible Rise of Herr Helmut Drumpf

Written by Sid Feldman, Wm. Bullion & The Ensemble
Directed by Wm. Bullion

“…vicious, demented…”

“…the troupe’s incendiary panache is nearly irresistible.”

– Chicago Reader

at The Conspiratorium
West Town, Chicago

October 27 – November 5, 2016

Photo by Sarah Scanlon


Kate Booth
Wm. Bullion
Paul Bunton
Elyse Dawson
Nathaniel Fishburn
Sara Franzel
Ryan Hake
Kimberly Logan
Mikalina Rabinsky
Paula Sjogerman
also featuring Sean McGill & Sarah Scanlon on percussion

We also are the home of

The Do-It-Yourself-Messiah Complex

…which includes past blasts such as The Jesus Christ Superstar Do-It-Yourself Messiah Complex and DIYTOMMY.

Seven semi-annual performances, from 2015 to present.