Work With Us

Get Into the Style Workshops

The Conspirators will irregularly offer workshops in our style of neo-commedia called “The Style.” The Style takes classic commedia dell’arte, sprinkles a bit of Ariane Mnouchkine via The Actors’ Gang, dumps a soupçon of clown on top of New Crime Productions, stirs in kabuki, Bugs Bunny and punk rock and THERE YOU HAVE IT. If you want to be notified of these upcoming workshops, shoot us an email and please include your headshot & resumé.

Variety Acts Wanted and Appreciated

The Conspirators LOVE to collaborate with performance artists and variety acts on events such as the Jesus Christ Superstar Do-It-Yourself Messiah Complex and such. If you’re interested in conspiring with us as a contributing artist/performer, write us at and include copies of/links to your promo materials.